Negotiating a job offer

Negotiating a job offer

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Neon River’s Peter Franks on some of the key factors that influence a job offer negotiation process:

As a headhunter, I find the process of helping to negotiate a deal between hirer and candidate to be one of the most fascinating. Our role is to empathize with both parties, and sometimes to ask the difficult questions to reduce the chance of friction. We, of course, have a vested interest to complete the deal; we’ll spend a lot of time analysing the financial construct of the offer, managing expectations, and trying to create a positive experience for all parties that leads to a successful deal.

But how might a candidate best negotiate a deal with a potential employer directly?  Read More

Engineering Wars: The Hardest Search in Tech?

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Neon River’s Peter Franks explores one of the hardest assignments in executive search, finding an Engineering leader:

Ask most technology industry headhunters what the toughest assignment to execute is, and there’s a good chance they will tell you that it’s finding an Engineering leader for an internet or software company. Competition for strong technology leaders is intense because the function is responsible for building the products that enable firms to differentiate from one another. A technology company with a poor product and customer experience will not prosper long.

Whilst the intense competitive demand for the role is undoubtedly a major reason why VP Engineering or CTO searches fail, there is another major cause that is often overlooked. Too often, when the role is being defined, there isn’t enough clear thinking about priorities.

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Peter Franks Neon River, Recruiting Early Stage Companies

Recruiting for early stage companies

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Neon River’s Peter Franks on recruiting for early stage companies:

I’ve always enjoyed recruiting for early stage companies and it’s a key specialism of ours at Neon River. I suspect that most headhunters would agree that the most fun part of a headhunting process is usually when you are persuading candidates that there is a better opportunity elsewhere. This is the very core of executive search. If you can persuade the best candidates that there is a better opportunity elsewhere, then you are halfway to becoming a great headhunter. Read More

Neon River - The impact of the internet on recruitment

The impact of the internet on recruitment

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Neon River’s Peter Franks on how the internet has changed the world of executive search:

When I started in the headhunting industry in 2004, the internet was only just beginning to make an impact. The principles of good headhunting were very much in place, but candidate identification and research relied pretty much wholly on personal referrals and telephone based research. Linkedin was, of course, already up and running but few had yet seen the way in which the internet would create both opportunities and risks for the modern recruiter. Read More