Looking for a new role in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic

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It’s difficult to overstate how damaging the Coronavirus pandemic has been to a whole host of different businesses. Previously solid companies, both large and small, have started laying off and furloughing staff en masse. This presents a particular challenge for those unfortunate enough to be caught in this particular storm. How can you find a new job when so many companies are laying off staff rather than hiring?

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In the News: Octopus Ventures Talent Masterclass

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Based in London and New York, Octopus Ventures is one of the Europe’s largest Venture Capital firms with £1bn under management. Its portfolio includes a number of exciting online and technology brands such as Zoopla, Graze and Secret Escapes. Venture capital firms are increasingly looking to advice their portfolio companies on how to identify, attract and retain talent. With this in mind, Octopus Ventures hosted a masterclass for its portfolio company CEOs to examine the importance and differences between three different recruitment approaches. The three discussed approaches were – executive search, in-house recruitment, and an embedded 3rd party recruiter.

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