At Miniclip, we’ve worked with Peter and Neon River on several important hires over the years, and we’ve always been very happy with the experience. I’d recommend Neon River as one of the very best executive search firms in the market.

Rob SmallPresident and Co-Founder, Miniclip

We have spent the last twenty years perfecting the art of finding and attracting the best candidates

The ability to understand your market, customers and competitors and to build high quality products based on that information is key to the success of virtually every technology company.

A Chief Product Officer can help to find the right product-market fit, and create the right product strategy that enables the company to grow and effectively differentiate against its competitors.

A high quality CTO or VP Engineering will ensure that high quality software products are shipped on time and on budget. Working closely with the product management organization, they have a vital role to play in any technology company.

Products must be commercialized, and this is where strong sales and marketing leaders come in. In B2B industries like enterprise software, sales is especially important in converting customers and winning deals. For B2C internet and games companies, a strong marketing leader who can drive the effective acquisition, retention and monetization of users using a variety of digital and offline levers is usually essential to their success.

Effective commercial and product decision making is increasingly underpinned by effective data science and analytics. Increasingly technology companies are looking to hire analytics and data science leaders who can inform business decision making through sophisticated statistical analyses.

The modern CFO is much more than just a traditional accountant. They are the financial lens through which business decisions are evaluated, partnering with the business to help them understand the ROI of different strategies. The CFO has a key role to play with fundraising, managing potential exit events and providing the business with effective financial analysis.

Hiring the right Chief People Officer, HR Director or equivalent can have a hugely positive impact on any technology company. The ability to create the right training, organizational structures and company culture can massively improve a company’s ability to nurture and retain talent.

At Neon River, we have deep experience of recruiting leaders across all these functions and more.