Soner Aydemir

CEO and co-founder, Dream Games

Soner Aydemir, CEO and co-founder of Dream Games

Under Soner Aydemir’s stewardship, Dream Games has risen quickly to become one of the most successful mobile games companies in the world. Its smash hit game, Royal Match, is regularly one of the highest grossing mobile games in the world, and is estimated to have generated almost $1bn in revenues.

Aydemir has had success previously in the mobile games sector as Product Director for the Istanbul-based mobile games company Peak Games, which was acquired by Zynga for $1.8bn in 2020.

Aydemir holds a BSc. in Computer Engineering from Koc University.

Royal Match

Royal Match is a match-three puzzle game where King Robert seeks to restore his castle to its former glory.

The game has been a big hit for Dream Games, regularly featuring amongst the highest grossing mobile games in the world.

It is reported that Royal Match has generated over $600m in revenues during its life to date.