Rob Small

Founder and President, Miniclip

Rob Small, Founder and President of Miniclip

Rob Small founded Miniclip back in the year 2000. Before the advent of smartphones, the company offered a broad range of games on its own website, before very successfully pivoting into the mobile games sector.

Miniclip is best known for its multiplayer sports themed games like 8 Ball Pool and Football Strike. In 2015, Tencent acquired a majority stake in Miniclip, and the company has grown to become one of the leading players in the industry, and has recently acquired Sybo, makers of Subway Surfers.

Rob was CEO of Miniclip until 2020, before moving into the role of President.

8 Ball Pool is the most successful mobile pool game in the world, and is consistently one of the highest grossing titles on mobile devices.

As a multiplayer sports-themed game, the title is quite representative of Miniclip’s portfolio of games.

In 2018 it was reported that 8 Ball Pool generated over $400m in revenues.