Johan Sjöberg

CEO Star Stable Entertainment

Johan Sjoberg, CEO of Star Stable Entertainment

Johan Sjöberg has spent the last thirty years working in the games industry, and is currently CEO of Star Stable Entertainment, best known for the hit horse-themed game Star Stable Online.

Star Stable Online started life as an online MMORPG before a successful transition to mobile platforms. Star Stable Online is the #1 horse themed game in the world and Star Stable Entertainment has over 150 employees today.

Sjöberg was previously Chief Product Officer for the strategy game developer Paradox Interactive, who completed a successful IPO in 2016.

Star Stable Online

Star Stable Online is the most popular horse-themed game in the world. Set in the magical kingdom of Jorvik, players can raise and breed horses, whilst solving missions and racing against one another.

The game appeals to a mostly female audience, and creates a positive, magical world for players to enjoy.

Star Stable Online has over 800,000 monthly active users.