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At Neon River we have deep experience of working with games companies. Our founder, Peter Franks, helped to hire eleven members of King’s senior management team, including their CMO, VP Engineering, VP Business Intelligence and VP CRM, helping them grow their valuation from $50m to over $5bn.

executive search and selection

We have helped games companies to hire across all functions, and have deep experience of hiring key product leaders within games studios as well as hiring marketing leaders to help drive revenue growth and brand awareness. 

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We have worked with a broad and exciting range of games companies such as King, Wooga, Miniclip, Outplay Entertainment, Social Point, Zeptolab and Spil Games. 

We believe this gives us unparalleled access to the best talent in the games industry from around the world. 

To find out more about hiring the best leaders for your games business please email peter@neonriver.com