Neon River is a next generation executive search firm that provides specialist retained search services to clients in the technology sector.

Our founders, Ed Mitchinson and Peter Franks, wanted to create the type of executive search firm that we would want to work with as clients or candidates. Having worked in the industry for many years, it struck us that there was an opportunity to build an executive search firm built around the core principles of sector and functional specialism, international reach and hands-on partner led project execution.

“Our partners lead each stage of the search process and advise clients every step of the way”

At Neon River, we believe that executive search firms are most effective when they have deep experience of working within a particular sector. This specialism enables us to define the right strategy for each hire, and advise our customers on where we will find the most appropriate candidates. By leveraging our deep experience, we can create a process that takes the risk out of even the most challenging hires.

We believe that best-in-class executive search needs hands-on partner level involvement at all stages of the process.

Each project is composed of many important details such as defining which candidates to approach or putting together the right offer. Skill and experience at each stage of the process can make a huge difference in terms of both speed and quality of hire. Our partners lead each stage of the process and advise clients every step of the way.

We build long-term relationships with our candidates and believe that we have a valuable role to play in enabling candidates to gain access to some of the most exciting roles in the market.

We founded Neon River to offer a range of services that go beyond traditional executive search – tailored to help investors, CEOs and other leaders to achieve their goals.

Through creating valuable relationships across the industry, we believe that we can help to create a better ecosystem for everyone.


We provide consultative advice to our customers that mitigates the risk of every recruitment process. We believe the key to successful executive search is getting the details right – whether that is when you are identifying, attracting, assessing or closing candidates – and so we ensure that our Partners lead all of these elements in the search process.

At Neon River, we are here to both listen to your requirements and advise you as to how best to find, attract and assess the right candidates.

By creating the right process and executing effectively against it, we can massively enhance your chances of finding and attracting the best candidates.


Our Partners have spent their careers specialising in placing candidates into high growth technology companies and leverage their extensive network and knowledge for every project.

Our network enables us to form the right strategy for each client, utilising proprietary research and industry sources to identify the most relevant businesses in the sector and to drive an effective and targeted search process.

This approach enables us to quickly focus on and contact the most appropriate candidates to meet our clients’ specific requirements.


At Neon River, our goal is to deliver the optimum outcome for our clients and so our Partners provide direct and no-nonsense advice throughout the search process.

We believe that our role is not just to find and attract the best candidates, but also to provide a clear and honest assessment of their strengths and weaknesses, so that our clients have a clear understanding of the capabilities of the candidates they are hiring. These perspectives are supported through in-depth referencing.

We believe in sharing as much information as possible with our clients during the process, helping us to calibrate and focus in on the right candidates.